Friday, 27 February 2015

Saturday Night Live - SNL rocks !!!

I had been meaning to write about this one for a long time, but with the 40th year anniversary celebrations, its just right.

I never knew about SNL till the last few years.  I had heard the phrase 'Live from NY' quite a few times but couldn't place the reference. But now I know and I can understand the privilege and honor to both host and perform for SNL

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Main Radha tu mera shaam from Vishwaroop

Some songs from Indian films are simply outstanding.

And since I love dancing and theatre, those with an element of dance are also my favourites. 

Whats better is when the entire things comes together beautifully on screen.  This one almost does...

Haruki Murakami's “Scheherazade" in the New Yorker

Short stories can be tricky and I think the jury is out on what really makes a good short story.  When I got around to reading the short stories outside my textbooks -  This is very different, I realized,  from what I read in school - which were mostly reeeeally short as in SHORT stories. Most of the stuff I read in school were the shorter ones by RK Narayan (malgudi) and O Henry etc.

So, some very good ones would actually not be very short at all. I quite liked reading Maugham's stories from the orient, and expatriate life back in the days when colonization was in its last days. Jeffrey archer, Roald Dahl, Jhumpa Lahiri etc. were some of my favourites (and I think the entire list would be difficult to put down ehre)