Friday, 10 April 2015


A lot of things going for this TV series – its about food, its competitive – a different kind of gameshow, and its fun.

It’s a reality show, and I absolutely abhor most reality shows.  Most of them are pointless, involving celebrities no one really cares about and a lot of this is staged I think.
However Come Dine… rises above all of that, and I love it!!

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Bombay - Meri Jaan

Yes, this is a filmy line, but it sums up my very sentiment towards this great city.  I can write and discuss about it forever and still not adequately convey the greatness of the city fully, nor my love for it.  (and BTW I always called it Mumbai during my childhood and this was more referring myself as the 'Pai from Mumbai' and not for any political reasons. Bombay is actually closer to me than Mumbai is...Ok this is only for the Indians who will get what I am saying)

I have been an itinerant Indian. Within India my family has travelled to various places thanks to the banking job of my dad.  Once I was asked which place did I like best from the towns and cities we had stayed in, and I said all of them. Each one of them was special to me.
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We had started of in Mumbai and then it was a few cities after that.  But Mumbai feels special to me for my career more than anything else.  One of my Insti friends had told us how everyone had to eventually  come to Mumbai if they had to grow – I mean it was inevitable. (even though Gurgaon and Delhi/NCR is soon turning out to be a bigger centre of gravity now).

Ghayal – one of the best movies ever

I have seen Ghayal quite a few times, and that was in the Cinema.  And on TV and even, with all the irritating interruptions and staggered intervals – its one of the few movies that gives you such a strong adrenaline rush.

I simply loved it.                  Image result for ghayal

I saw it late – after the movie was already a big hit, and I saw it possibly in the second week – this was in Vijayawada, and went with my younger brother. The movie hall was still packed, and the majority of those who’d come were seeing it for the 100th time already, but seemed to be experiencing the film for the first time. There were the cee-tees (whistles) and laughter, but mostly a lot of clapping.