Saturday, 8 August 2015

Ilayaraja - The quintessential God to my generation

As I write this, I cant help examine the paradox, herĂ©s me -  a non-expert in Music, who cant speak in any of the south Indian languages - writing about one of the legends from the south Indian movie industry. 

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So there's my disclaimer. But then, I think Ilayaraja's achievements was simply that. I cant think of anyone down south in my generation who has not been moved by his music. 

Krishna by Colonial Cousins

This song is one of the ever green and outstanding compositions that will stand the test of time. Colonial Cousins was a collaboration between Lez a musical wizard mostly making ad jingles, and Hariharan a ghazal singer. 

However when they came together I think they got the combination absolutely bang on and produced some outstanding stuff.