Saturday, 8 August 2015

Krishna by Colonial Cousins

This song is one of the ever green and outstanding compositions that will stand the test of time. Colonial Cousins was a collaboration between Lez a musical wizard mostly making ad jingles, and Hariharan a ghazal singer. 

However when they came together I think they got the combination absolutely bang on and produced some outstanding stuff.

This also came out at a time when the indian music industry was creatively taking wing, spurred by the growth of the satellite music TV channels as well musical events becoming more frequent (youth festivals, brand promotions, channel events etc.). Krishna had a great music video too.

But this song is one of the rare ones that has it all - the lyrics I think should touch every Indian's heart, an appeal for harmony which was met positively. The music rooted in classical music both south Indian as well as north - Taufiq Qureshi one of the foremost percussionists collaborated on this, and if you were lucky to watch the live singing you can see him been given a free hand for a really long duration and boy, is he good!

Overall this song would leave a nice warm, melancholic feeling. Sometimes when you switch on a tv news channel and hear all the negativity and confrontation - this song is a good cure to get back to life, and aspire for an India which reflects the harmony and spirit from this song.

Lez and Hari - take a bow! Just Sublime !

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