Friday, 31 July 2015

The film companion by Anupama Chopra

This one I think already has a lot of fans and me too.

The film companion is a Youtube channel by the film critic Anupama Chopra, and has some good material in short capsules, and I recommend checking this out once every few months as you can then spend a quarter of an hour updating yourself on interesting stuff at one go.

In general I prefer reading text to viewing videos as the web connections are a pain, and instead of the actual video viewing sometimes takes twice to thrice the actual video length as the speeds are un-reliable. (and I'd started off knowing of her, by reading Anupama Chopra's books on movies like Sholay and DDLJ)

Film companion does it away because each clip is barely longer than 3-4 minutes but is engaging and is easy to get hooked onto.

film critics can be snooty, judgemental and seem even class-conscious but this comes with the turf. Anupama Chopra manages to pass her views in a relatively inoffensive manner (at least to me) as possibly her sensibilities match the majority learned folks view.

In her case its not an easy job as she IS part of the film industry as her husband is renowned Hindi film producer and director vidhu vinod chopra and given how incestuous, parochial, and clique-driven it is, she manages to raise above all those social pressures. And needless to say, a lot of times on her shows it was evident where she'd to manage interviewing folks like Salman Khan.

Anyway what I like is her taste in highlighting those parts which are likely to provide humour from films. Her reviews also bring about a smile when she talks about such films.  They don't seem like put-downs or personal attacks (well... almost!)

One of the reviews that had me howling was one for the movie radio starring... yes you guessed it Himmesh Reshammiya. (read about it here).  and another priceless one about a movie called Jimmy starring Mithun Chakraborty's son Mimoh - here)

The film companion moves beyond merely film reviews and has some interesting sections about historical films, directors, interviews etc. and can be a good way to enrich yourself, if you are a movie buff, or simply interested in trivia.

And I think there is a genuine affection that comes through (thin line from being disdainful) - which is the paradoxical feelings most folks have about mainstream Indian cinema, and this critic gets it well...

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