Sunday, 28 June 2015

Meryl Streep's stance

Was this really said by Meryl Streep or is it attributed to her?  In any case this is one of the most liberating things I have read in a long time, and of course needs to be adapted without any apologies whatsoever.

Will it be easy? – like hell no! But when you do it might save you a lot of trouble and give you mental peace.

There’s fear of being impolite or hurting some people, but in a way its protecting yourself.  Meryl is a celebrity and surely must have her share of having to handle un-wanted attention, and exceesive interest and learnt to cope.  But her note goes beyond those she does not know, but also within her own social circle.  What she’s written is also a survival technique and something to encourage positivity.

Its hardest within the family, I mean can you really turn your back on them?  But turns out in the modern day and age – it works both ways. I found this note a validation of my viewpoint.  I had heard this saying in my childhood that relationships with family need to be like the kite – it flies best at the right distance – tooo close and it wont fly, too high and it might get cut off.  Well, sometimes you can never find the right distance… but Meryl’s words work for me…

For me, the note which rung most true however was what she said about friendship.  To begin with, I have very very few friends compared to the average Indian – right from my days in school and college and it worked both ways – neither were most people coming to look forward to befriend me, nor was I forthcoming.

But when I did befriend people I did expect loyalty and an exceptional level of commitment, because I gave in an equal measure.  I am tired of lip service or superficial and facile ‘friends’ who are less to me than my acquaintances.

What Meryl says is right – or whoever wrote this.  It is a validation of what most have felt in relationships and their acquaintances. 

Time to take charge and maintain circles the way you want them to be.

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