Wednesday, 19 October 2016

The Humble n very very Healthy Paav Bhaaji

Possibly one of the healthiest snacks you can make at home is the Paav Bhaji 

This is a great Mumbai export that has gained popularity across India and is available at most Udipi /south Indian restaurants and roadside chaat stalls. There usually is one large as in Big-ass huge flat hot circular griddle on which the pre-prepared curry batter is placed, and as and when orders come in, it is refreshed and heated again and served with toasted bread loves laced with butter, and some onions and a wedge of lemon.  

This is what is served on roadsides and restaurants and even though I have it from time to time, I just get queasy about it as I am never sure what water they have used or when the curry was prepared etc. etc. why take a chance.

And thats when we started preparing this at home, and boy was this fun. Actually we started doing this abroad when we couldn't get this as there were no restauarnts serving this.

Another reason for this was the quality of local bread.  Most local bakeries in India use Potassium chloride and other chemicals for softening which are banned or not considered safe. Only the national reputed manufacturers (like Britannia, Modern etc.) can be relied on to be relatively safer.  This is still better than eating the stuff from restaurants or roadside stalls which use the local bakers bread.

The curry is one of the HEALTHIEST combinations of vegetables - and while potatoes is the base, you can put in anything from carrots, beans, peas, cauliflowers, tomatoes etc. and stew them and make a mash of it with some tangy masalas.   Its a great way to get children to eat these vegetables.

At home we initially used to try and mash it like the restaurants did, but then we felt the original vegetables were better and gave texture.

The bread can be toasted and we normally use brown/ whole wheat bread and apply butter to it generously after the bread has been toasted.   

It is one great snack that gives us the benefit of not at all feeling guilty about indulging in - as it has some great healthy benefits.

Eating this at a restaurant is a unique experience. But for me preparing this at home tops this up as you are guaranteeing some great health and safety for family while making it a tasty tangy celebration.  Enjoy!!!